The face behind Chronically Rising

My name is Chantelle Spies, and I am a 24-year-old Chemical Engineer and dog mom, struggling with a chronic illness known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). As an engineer, it is in my nature to want to solve complex problems and optimize processes – my health has proven to be no different.

I do as much research and reading as possible to equip myself with knowledge and information to help manage my disease. There is no clear roadmap to managing chronic illness, and it is a cumbersome journey with countless twists and turns. Beside me every step of this journey is my two little guardian angels, Nemo and Bolt, and my wonderful family.

The odds of finding a full remission is slim, but I will continue to search for my root cause and ways to improve my health and wellness. I am an overachieving perfectionist, with a bubbly and humorous personality and strive to bring hope to my fellow spoonies. We are too full of life to not have a life, and need to stand together to let fresh flowers flourish from the fire!

Chantelle Spies

Chronic illness warrior

Chantelle is a bubbly, outgoing and humorist animal lover that hopes to generate awareness about chronic illness and help fellow spoonies on their journey.

In the picture: Chantelle a few months prior to getting ill at her graduation.

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Guard dog, companion and best friend

Nemo is a 3 year old rescue kiddo with heaps of personality. He loves to play ball, tackle his brother and cuddle with his mom. Nemo inherited his busy bodyness and love for the outdoors from his mom.

In the picture: Nemo thinking he is a meerkat while nibbling on his favourite toy.


Guard dog, companion and best friend

Bolt is also a 3 year old rescue kiddo and more laid back like his dad. He loves to play tug of war, chase his brother and snuggle in the morning. His favourite hobbies include bird watching and baking in the sun.

In the picture: Bolt at his happiest playing tug a war in the garden with his dad.

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